How we got started. In January 2022 a former employee of mine was poisoned by fentanyl. When I found out about his death, I reacted by crying for 3 days. This young man knew of my recovery as an alcoholic and I felt guilty for not being there to help him. I then knew I had to help others and formed a board to start the DalMont Phoenix Foundation for Sober Living. In May of 2022 we started to form, and now we are looking for a home of our own. While we are starting small, we have been able to help others with addiction issues get into a rehab program and other sober living homes. We dont look at ourselves as competition to other foundations or sober living home and have partnered with others.

We are a nonprofit organization that provides a home to help recovering alcoholics and addicts. Our purpose is to help give those in recovery a safe, nurturing, and sober place to live.